Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Online Training

Self-directed, can be completed at own convenience

The National Office for Suicide Prevention has launched a  90 minute online suicide prevention training programme, Livingworks Start. This introductory suicide prevention training provides you with an interactive experience which will give you the skills and knowledge to keep others safe from suicide. The programme is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 who wants to help prevent suicide and is prepared to become more suicide alert.

Suicide prevention training provides people with the lifesaving skills to help a family member, friend, colleague, patient or even a stranger they meet on the street. You will learn the importance of suicide alertness and identify people who have thoughts of suicide. You will learn clear and practical information on what to do if you need to support someone who is at risk of suicide. You will learn and practice the steps to connect a person with suicidal thoughts to first aid help and further community resources.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn to

  • To identify people with thoughts of suicide
  • To become more comfortable talking about suicide
  • To feel more confident in keeping a person safe in times of distress
  • To connect people in crisis to support.


Learning Outcomes:


  • Attitudes & knowledge in relation to suicidal prevention have changed
  • Have increased confidence to deal with a person at risk of suicide
  • Have increased confidence to identify appropriate services that individuals could be referred to.

On average, the programme will take 60 minutes to complete but participants can pause and recommence the programme at their own pace.

Livingworks Start is a level 2 alertness skills programme  Participants will be taken through a range of simulated scenarios and given the opportunity to practice the TASC model:T: Tune in to the possibility of suicide

A: Ask about suicide

S: State that suicide is serious

C:Connect to help


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