Advanced Supervision and Process Skills Training

Sept 16/17, Oct 21/22, Nov 18/19, Dec 16/17 2021

This training, based on a transpersonal psychology model, teaches the skills required to become a confident and competent supervisor with a renewed enthusiasm for the work. Each module introduces the key language and skills that lie at the core of a good supervisory practice, and explores these concepts through case examples and experiential learning.

For whom? Psychologists and psychotherapists

Learning outcomes, defined in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Must be specific, relevant, realistic, & measurable:

  1. Build the capacity for self-reflection and identify where there may be blocks to such reflective practice
  2. Build the supervisory relationship
  3. Process Supervision skills
  4. Understanding supervision in a group and organisational context

All skills are directly applicable to building a strong supervision practice

This training aims to build the skills needed to become a supervisor, and to be able to develop a self-reflective practice in both oneself as a supervisor, and the supervisee. It enhances the skills needed to deepen the supervisory relationship and to be able to supervise across different modalities in order to unfold the therapeutic process for the supervisees and their clients.

Delivered over 8 modules, 9am-4pm online. 9am -1pm, 1-2pm lunch, 2pm -4pm

The training is experiential and interactive, using various formats including theoretical presentations, discussions, experiential exercises, group work and role play.

Cost of Workshop: €680.00

Contact for making reservations and enquires, include links to online reservations: Helen O'Connell -

Sara Hollwey (Reg.Psychol.P.S.I; MIAHIP; MIACP; Dipl.PW) is a clinical psychologist running Personal & Professional Development training in the School of Psychology at University College Dublin. She has a private practice with individuals, couples, families and groups, and trains and supervises with the Camino curriculum.

Jill Brierley (UKCP; Dipl.PW; Accredited EMDR practitioner, ret.) worked in private practice for 20 years with individuals, couples and groups. Jill now trains and supervises students studying with the Camino curriculum.