An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

2 Day Workshop

This training workshop will explore the use of Miller and Rollnick's 'Motivational Interviewing' (MI) techniques, applying them to the work of attendees, to examine how a change of approach can create an environment better suited to change for the client. Based on the understanding that ambivalence to change is a common problem, MI presents a philosophy of approach (based on partnership, compassion, acceptance and evocation) as well as a range of techniques that helps the professional helper to understand the unwillingness of the client to change and to then use this learning to create opportunities for new directions for change.


Participants will learn core values of MI Process of MI Continuum of counselling styles OARS - open questions, affirmation, reflective listening, summarising Assessing readiness to change Trans-theoretical model of change Working with sustain talk and eliciting change statements Creating an MI plan

Application of all of the above to relevant cases Application of all of the above to participants own cases or workplace.

They will be able to identify the approach and how it is applicable to their work and style; they will be able to identify the skill set that is new and therefore added to their repertoire and they will be able to explore how they can keep the learning gained alive in their daily work.


Available dates:

7-8 February 2019

26-27 September 2019


Fee: €225

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