Ari Badaines Workshop A: Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) in an Integrated Practice

The Psychological Society of Ireland, Grantham House, Grantham Street on Jan 31st - Feb 1st


Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) in an Integrated Practice

Presented by

(9.15am - 4.15pm)

Dr Ari Badaines

On this two-day workshop, participants will have exposure to very brief historical roots of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) and the key pioneers, followed by theoretical foundations and how it differs from other therapies: present and goal focused, and on the person, not the problem etc. There are definite advantages to SFBT, especially when sessions are limited and these will be presented and discussed along with some of the disadvantages of SFBT.

Problems are not a focus in SFBT, but rather a guide to goal-clarification and goal-setting. We will then look at the role of the therapist and how it differs from other therapies.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be familiar with the theoretical model and able to successfully utilise SFBT interventions in their own style of counselling/therapy or as a stand-alone SFBT model.

The main focus will be the practical application of the theory and interventions to a therapeutic situation. Participants will be introduced to the major techniques of SFBT: How to conduct the first session; Clarifying and Setting Goals, the Miracle Question, Scaling, Coping and Exceptions.

The workshop is organised so that participants will build on the previously- learned techniques. Each attendee will have multiple opportunities to be both therapist and client. In addition to the major techniques, attendees will learn how to build on the client’s strengths and successes to enhance outcomes and achieve goals.

The above interventions that you will have learned are very applicable to work with couples and families, or sub-family units such as parent and adolescent and can be readily absorbed into a couples/family therapy practice. Ari will demonstrate how they can be applied in role-plays, and if time permits, participants will also have the opportunity.

Learning objectives of this training:

  1. Become familiar with the core concepts of Solution Focused Therapy (SFBT.)
  2. Be able to conceptualise problems using SFBT model.
  3. Distinguish the therapeutic goals in SFBT.
  4. Identify the Therapists role in SFBT.

Understand SFBT interventions and their application in therapy.


Day One: 

History and key pioneers of SFBT; Theoretical Framework and core concepts; How SFBT differs from other therapies; Role of the therapist in SFBT.

Discussion and demonstration of each of the following techniques, followed by participants’ application through role plays: Clarifying and Setting Goals; Use of the Miracle Question and variations of the Miracle Question. The meaning of 'Resistance' in SFBT and its management.


Day Two: 

Introduction to Scaling, Exceptions, and Homework and their application to SFBT. Demonstration and questions. Participants will conduct simulated sessions using all the concepts and key interventions of SFBT. Application of SFBT to couple and family therapy. The training will end with the opportunity for questions and concerns.

“By attending this workshop, you will add a whole range of interventions to your repertoire that will enhance the effectiveness of your therapy, especially, but not exclusively to session-limited therapies. Many of the techniques are easy to learn and apply, and by attending, you are likely to feel confident not just in applying them, but comfortable with their effectiveness, and with a greater understanding of the methodology and thinking behind SFBT.”  -  Dr Ari Badaines


How will you benefit from this training?

  • They will have a strong understanding of SFBT, its key concepts and how it differs from other therapies.
  • Participants will be cognizant of the major techniques and be confident in their application and effectiveness by having the opportunity to be both a SFBT client and therapist in role-plays of real problems. 
  • Be aware of how these techniques may be applied to couple and family therapy.


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Here’s what people have said recently about this training with Ari Badaines:

“Thanks so much for a highly practical session which from which I can immediately take the skills into work with my clients.”

“Thanks for the professional presentation of the training workshop – Well Done!”

“Very enjoyable workshop, it gave me a lot of practical ideas.”

“Excellent course – Ari is an excellent presenter. Thank you.”

“I like the real-life experiences of the participants that we used as in vivo counselling segments to practice the skills.”

“Thank you. I came to reground myself in SFBT and hone my skills and I got what I wanted. Well organised and presented.”

“Great, Loved it” “Really engaging and helpful.”

“Presenter showed care of students and learning, great workshop! Challenging.”

“Really good training. Ari was personable and very interactive, clearly spoken.”

“Great Workshop -delivered way above expectations.”