Child Attachment Interview (CAI)


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Venue: DLR Lexicon, Dún Laoghaire
Date: 19th to 22nd February 2018
Time: 9.30pm - 5.30pm
Learning credits: 16

Fee: €920.00 for 4 days inclusive of refreshments and lunch


Background to the training
The CAI was conceived in an attempt to find a middle ground between indirect, projective assessments of representations such as the Separation Anxiety Test and various Doll Play procedures and the simple application of existing adult instruments such as the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI). Unlike the AAI, the CAI focuses upon current memories (rather than retrospective accounts) and assesses children’s perceptions of their attachment figures’ current availability and sensitive responsiveness through eliciting internal representations of attachment figures. The CAI (Shmueli-Goetz et al, 2008; Target et al, 2003; Shmueli-Goetz et al, 2004) contains 19 questions asking children to recall and describe their attachment experiences with, and perception of their attachment figures, in particular, at times of hurt, emotional upset, illness, separation and loss. The interview contains developmentally appropriate scaffolding and relies upon non-verbal as well as verbal communication in the analysis of narratives. The coding is conducted from videotaped interviews and the coding and classification system yields attachment strategies analogous to those identified in infancy and adulthood.

Training in the Child Attachment Interview (CAI)

Treehouse Practice is delighted to bring training provided by the Anna Freud Centre in London on the topic of the CAI to Dublin from Monday 19th February to Thursday 22nd February 2018.

Rationale for Event:

There is increasing emphasis on evaluating attachment for children and families with experience of trauma, neglect, abuse, and family breakdown. The Child Attachment interview (CAI) provides a useful and valuable tool for practitioners to assess the attachment relationship of children in middle-childhood and to use this tool to inform therapeutic practice. The Anna Freud Centre is renowned for providing high-quality training events on topics of attachment, child development, and psychotherapy approaches. The aim is to bring the trainer from this service to Dublin.

Teaching Objectives:
To teach the rationale and technique of using the CAI as a tool for the assessment of child-parent attachment relationships in middle childhood (8-15 year olds) through videotaped interview.
This includes the teaching of the manualised method of coding and reviewing various interviews, providing practice in the coding of the CAI

Qualifications and prior experience necessary: Knowledge of attachment theory. Working within child/ adolescent setting
Participants will need to be actively working with children to ensure that they can complete pre-training exercise
Participants will be asked to complete a pre-course task, involving administration of 2 CAI interviews and will bring a 10-minute video-taped segment to the training for discussion.

Outline of Psychological Content:
The CAI is rooted in attachment theory and research and will be useful for psychologists working with children and adolescents as a clinical tool to guide practice and intervention

Outline of Relevant Empirical Support/ Evidence base for this activity:
The CAI is based on knowledge and research on attachment in children and has involved empirical research in a number of settings, including at the Anna Freud Centre. The CAI is a useful clinical tool for practitioners working with middle-childhood age children with experience of trauma, disrupted relationships, life stressors, and other factors.

Dr Adrian Datta - Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Fees to be charged and how to register:
€920 per person
Cheques to be paid payable to Treehouse Practice
Payment by bank transfer on request
Registration form to be completed and returned

Refund/Cancellation policy:

80% refund if cancellation made 2 weeks prior to the event

Further queries to be directed to Dr Sara O’Byrne, Clinical Director of Treehouse Practice on either 01 2937882 or