Compassion Focused Therapy: An Approach for Client and Staff Well-being – an event for Health Care Professionals and Managers

At this exciting training opportunity, you will learn how the Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT) model can be applied to enhance the mental health of both clients and staff. Over the course of this two-day training event, the facilitator will demonstrate and model compassion in action from beginning to end.


The CFT approach is rooted in an evolutionary psychology framework and incorporates both attachment theory and current neurophysiology. It was developed by Professor Paul Gilbert (2009) to help those who experience a high level of shame and self-criticism. This therapeutic approach is widely used as an intervention for those with mental health difficulties to reduce and alleviate suffering and distress. CFT is a transdiagnostic model which can be adapted to a wide range of presentations and used in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches.


Research has already shown that CFT is effective in helping those with mental health difficulties. The Compassion-Focused Staff Support (CFSS) model applies the principles of CFT to the workplace. CFSS is used to enhance and promote the well-being of employees. It offers a framework for reflective practice sessions for staff.



Over the course of the two days, those attending the workshop will learn:

  • The key concepts of CFT including how our brain design can cause psychological struggles.
  • How CFT approaches can be applied to understand and manage the brain’s ‘threat’ system.
  • A framework for providing formal reflective practice sessions to support staff wellbeing using the CFT model.

Delegates will have an opportunity to take part in experiential exercises which demonstrate the model during the workshop.  Additional educational resources will be provided at the end of the workshop



Date:   20&21 May 2019

Time:  09:45 – 16:30

Venue:  Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport

Fee:  €294.46.  Includes lunch.

Tickets:  Eventbrite

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Dr. Lorraine McGurk is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who completed her Doctorate training at Trinity College, Dublin. She has over ten years’ experience working with people experiencing mental health difficulties in both an inpatient and outpatient setting. She has completed several training courses in CFT, including advanced skills training and supervision and CFSS. She is an experienced group facilitator using the CFT model. Lorraine is currently employed as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in Occupational Health in the NHS, Northern Ireland. She set up and oversees a Compassion Focused Staff Support (CFSS) initiative in her NHS Trust. engagement.  Lorraine delivers training on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology programmes at both Trinity College, Dublin and Queens University, Belfast. She also provides clinical placements for students on both programmes who wish to develop clinical skills using CFT. Lorraine is currently the clinical supervisor for doctorate research exploring the effectiveness of the Compassion-focused staff support (CFSS) model