Working with culturally and linguistically diverse clients: a framework for inclusive practice

Friday 12th August, 2022 9am-1pm, Trinity College Dublin (in-person event)

According to the CSO (August, 2021), 645,500 persons who live in Ireland were not born in Ireland. This figure represents 12.9% of the Irish population. This culturally and linguistically diverse population has a number of well documented barriers to access health services, particularly mental health/psychology services. One of the barriers is the lack of cultural competence training and cultural humility from the clinicians. In a recent study with qualified psychologists in Ireland (Baptiste, 2021), participants expressed “their sense of not knowing enough and feeling overwhelmed” and they stated that “they did not have enough cultural competence during their training”. 


The aim of the workshop is to provide participants an understanding of a therapeutic framework which is culturally reflective and culturally inclusive, of both the therapists’ and the clients’ culture. Participants will also gain an understanding of the refugee experience in particular, their issues, presenting problems and challenges. 


Liliana Morales, Counselling Psychologist

Liliana Morales has 17 years’ experience working therapeutically with asylum seekers and refugees in Ireland, involved in cultural competence/cultural humility training for doctoral psychology trainees and with a passion for culturally inclusive practice, social justice issues and diversity within psychology.


Please note that this is an in-person event. 


This event is being run by the Div of Counselling Psychology
Event Format: in person