If you would like to join PSI and you qualified in Ireland, please read the page below.
If you qualified outside Ireland please click here.

Membership Benefits

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Professional Recognition

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Other Key Benefits

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Find the membership that suits you

  • Graduate Members

    This is for those who have graduated from a PSI recognised Psychology undergraduate or post graduate programme or equivalent. Scroll down to apply online for Graduate Membership.

  • Associate Fellows

    Graduate Members can upgrade their membership to Associate Fellow by following the procedure and meeting the criteria which apply. If you are a PSI member and wish to apply for Associate Fellow Membership please ensure you are logged into the PSI member area and follow the necessary steps.

  • Chartered Membership

    Chartered Membership is the platinum membership signifying the highest level of academic achievement. In order to qualify for Chartership you must firstly be a Graduate Member of the Society. Click here for guidelines to assist you when applying for Chartered Membership. If you wish to apply for Chartered Membership please ensure you are logged into the PSI member area and follow the necessary steps.

  • Fellows

    Existing Associate Fellows and Chartered Members can apply for Fellowship of the Society if they can demonstrate that they have made a significant contribution to Psychology. If you wish to apply for Fellowship please ensure you are logged into the PSI member area and follow the necessary steps.

  • Corporate Membership

    PSI welcomes organisational involvement in the Society. If you have an interest or work in the area of psychology or want to understand more about how psychology impacts business and people at work. Please email membership@psychologicalsociety.ie for further information on Corporate Membership.

  • Student Members

    The best way to start your career as a Psychologist is to join as an undergraduate. Membership is simple once you are on an approved undergraduate programme. Scroll down to apply online for Student Membership.

  • Associate Members

    Anyone with an interest in human behaviour or how psychology impacts on daily life or who wants to contribute to the Society but does not have a qualification in Psychology, can join as an Associate Member and avail of some of the membership benefits. Please email membership@psychologicalsociety.ie for further information on Associate Membership.

  • Reduced Rate

    PSI offers a reduced annual subscription rate of €115 in certain circumstances. In order to apply, applicants need to hold a current active membership of the Society. The eligibility criteria for this rate are as follows: 1) Full time postgraduate education; 2) Current income threshold is below €15,000 per annum; 3) Retired; 4) Living overseas. Ongoing eligibility for this reduced rate needs to be verified with the appropriate documentation on an annual basis.  Once verification of eligibility has been approved by the PSI Administrator, a credit transaction will be processed for the value of the refund. Please email membership@psychologicalsociety.ie to apply for this reduced rate.

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