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What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of thought, emotion and behaviour. Psychologists examine the various aspects of human experience, such as human emotions, thoughts and actions. They apply their understanding of people in a variety of professional, including clinical, counselling, educational, organisational and academic settings.

Beginning Your Career

The first step to a career in psychology in Ireland is to study for a primary degree at honours level. Completion of an approved primary honours degree enables a student to become a graduate member of The Psychological Society of Ireland (P.S.I.). Further education and specialist training is then necessary to develop a career in psychology.

  • The Australian Psychological Society has put together a short film entitled 'Psychologists' Stories', about successful APS psychologists who are making a difference in their communities. 
    "You will discover that many of them often took some time before establishing themselves in their chosen fields, and their passion for psychology will encourage you to further explore the possibilities that lie ahead.” To view this film please click here

  • To view a list of PSI accredited courses please visit the Accreditation page of the website by clicking here

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