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August 2017

Important Notice for PSI Chartered Members

Change to current Professional Learning Cycle

In line with the PSI’s goal to facilitate planning for regulatory requirements of CORU, we initiated a review of the current PSI Professional Learning Cycle.

The current three year cycle introduced in January 2016 was scheduled until December 2018. Chartered Members will be aware that the learning expectation was set at 120 learning credits (inclusive of 30 integrated learning credits). However, the imminent initiation of CORU requires a modification to the current PSI Professional Learning Cycle to facilitate alignment with CORU protocol for learning credits.

As a result, the current Professional Learning Cycle will end in December 2017 (instead of the original December 2018 timeline). Therefore, Chartered Members are required to complete their learning logs by 31st December 2017, with a proportionate learning expectation to accrue 80 credits (inclusive of 20 integrated learning credits).

This adjustment affords the PSI an opportunity to commence a new two year Professional Learning Cycle commencing in January 2018 with a learning expectation of 80 credits (inclusive of 20 integrated learning credits) to correspond with CORU’s protocol guideline of a two year Professional Learning Cycle.

While we recognise the adjustment to the current Professional Learning Cycle presents a challenge for our membership base, we are confident the long term benefit of alignment with the CORU learning credit guideline supports the PSI decision to do so at this time.

For any queries regarding this change please do not hesitate to email

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