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Graduate Membership

The minimum qualification for Graduate Membership is a first or second class honours degree, in which psychology is a main subject, or a post-graduate conversion award in psychology, or equivalent qualification.

Once you start your Graduate membership online application you will be prompted to select one of the three routes which apply to you: 


  • You have a PSI accredited honours degree in psychology

  • You have a British Psychological Society accredited honours degree in psychology

  • You have an overseas psychology degree based on equivalence to a PSI Accredited honours psychology degree

To be considered “equivalent” a qualification should be based on a relatively broad range of psychology courses including the biological bases of behaviour, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, personality and individual differences (including psychometrics) and research methodology. Applicants should have demonstrated research competence in practical work and in the completion of a supervised research project. Overseas applicants also must fill in a GMA clarification form (available to download on the left at the bottom of the page) and forward to the PSI


Annual Fee

The PSI Graduate Membership annual Fee is €260 per annum and will be automatically debited from your credit or debit card each January unless you cancel your membership in writing.


 A reduced fee of €115 is available for: 
(a) Full Time Post-Graduates Students/Trainees
(b) Graduates with income below €15,000 per annum

NOTE: If you apply online and pay a reduced fee, you will have to provide evidence to support your claim each year before your membership status is approved and valid.






Online Application charge

A non-refundable processing fee applies to all applications for Graduate Membership. This processing fee is redeemable fully against your annual fee if successful. The online application charge is pro-rated as follows:

Jan- Dec :  €260.00 

Graduate Membership


Graduate Membership of PSI


Please add any supporting documentation as degrees, postgraduate diplomas or conversion certificates

Please upload copy/photo of membership card or acceptance letter

Clear photo will suffice

Add Document


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