The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) is governed by its Council, which is composed of elected and co-opted members of the Society.

The election process is governed by the PSI Memorandums and Articles of Association, which clearly state the terms of office and the process of election.


Role of Council:

The key role of the PSI Council is to identify and direct policy of the PSI and to represent its members.


The responsibilities of the Council include:

  • To collectively represent members and to act in the best interest of the members
  • To ensure good governance and to adhere to current legislative and financial obligations under the Companies Acts
  • To develop and maintain policies in relation to psychologists in Ireland
  • To further the aims and objectives of the Society in-keeping with the Memorandums and Articles and the PSI Strategic Plan
  • To hold regular meetings and to act as the strategic decision-making body for the Society



To contact the PSI President please email 



Elected Council Members 2018

President Brendan O' Connell
Past President Michele Coyle
President Elect Ian O' Grady
Honorary Secretary William Kinsella
Honorary Treasurer Catherine Long
Membership Secretary  Vincent McDarby
Ordinary Members

Ciara Keogh
Dermot O' Callaghan
Maria Dempsey
Mark Smyth
Megan Gaffney
Michael Stoker
Mitchel Fleming