Guidelines, Policies & Papers



Over the past number of years, the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) has released various guidelines, policies and papers on a variety of important topics and areas, such as:



Such documents can be downloaded below.


Supervision Guidelines for Psychologists

The most recent guidelines developed by the PSI are the Supervision Guidelines for Psychologists.

These guidelines provide Professional Practice Standards regarding attendance at Supervision for Psychologists who offer services to members of the general public in any professional context, including but not limited to Educational, Clinical, Counselling, Health, Forensic, Organisational, Coaching, Sport and Research settings.

The term "Supervision" in these guidelines refers to Clinical or Consultative Supervision, which is distinct from, and in some professional contexts may be in addition to, Line Management Supervision


These guidelines are underpinned by the understanding that attendance at Supervision is a Core Professional Activity and a “cornerstone of professional development” for Psychologists throughout their careers (Bernard & Goodyear, 2009, p.218).

The Psychological Society of Ireland considers that the key purpose of Supervision is the development and maintenance of high standards of Psychological Service Provision for Clients.

Attendance at supervision is believed to promote such high standards through providing a forum for psychologists to continue to develop in Ethical Awareness, Competence, Skills, Understanding, Self-Awareness, Resilience and Creativity in their work (Hawkins & Shohet, 2012; Inskipp & Proctor, 2001).


These Guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Society’s Code of Professional Ethics.