About Us

The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), Cumann Síceolaithe Éireann, is the learned and professional body for psychology and psychologists in the Republic of Ireland. Since its birth in 1970, the Society has grown from a mere 17 members and now represents circa 4,000 members. The Society was established during a time when psychology as a subject and a profession was in its infancy in Ireland. Since its creation the members of the PSI have helped shape and develop psychology as a science in Ireland, and their work and commitment has given Irish psychology a voice and standing on not only the European but also the world stage. 

The PSI is committed to maintaining the high standards of practice in psychology that have been set by its members since the founding of the Society and also to exploring new and innovative ways of furthering psychology as an applied science. The PSI is an independently governed, registered charity and our office is located in Dublin 8. Registered Charity Number is 20016524. 

What do we do?

When the Psychological Society of Ireland was established its primary objective was the advancement of psychology as an applied science in Ireland and elsewhere. 

The PSI has helped cultivate a high standard of psychology in Ireland which is visible in both academic and professional settings. These high standards provide psychologists who study and work in Ireland with the qualifications and experience that is needed to gain membership with the PSI.


Aims and Activities of PSI

  • Advance and promote the discipline of psychology
  • Promote high standards of training and education for psychologists in Ireland
  • Promote high professional and ethical standards within the profession
  • Provide professional learning, development and networking opportunities
  • Sustain growth in PSI membership
  • Annual scientific and professional conferences
  • Public talks and media communications
  • Update members on psychology matters in Ireland

In an effort to further ensure high standards in all areas of psychology in Ireland the PSI has established Divisions for all psychology specialisms and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), membership of which is based on the applicant's experience and qualifications. Each Division or SIG (see Organisational Chart below) deals with a specific area and provides lectures, resources, professional learning and development events, and a voice for psychologists not only within the PSI but within Ireland.

Since its inception, the PSI has had and continues to have, many dealings with various government agencies with the aim of protecting, promoting and furthering the profession of psychology in Ireland.


Organisational Chart of the PSI

As well as the work of the PSI Council there are also a number of groups and committees who have been undertaking work on behalf of Council.

For information on our Committees please click here.

To view more information on our Divisions and Special Interest Groups see here.


The PSI Team

We are a small team based in the Digital Office Centre Camden headquarters.

Sheena Horgan, Chief Executive Officer
Sheena is responsible for directing overall operations within the PSI. As the lead executive officer, Sheena reports to the PSI Council and drives change within the Society related to the PSI’s mission and strategic plan. As CEO, Sheena also oversees all day-to-day operations, including the PSI’s organisational structure, membership, communication, strategic development, finance, and human resources.

Lisa Stafford, Head of Communications
Lisa develops and leads on Society communications from media to brand promotion and website, external and internal stakeholder communication, and national Society events including the PSI Annual Conference.

Susan Foxe, Office and Finance Manager
Susan oversees the office operations and procedures, ensuring the smooth running of Society business, CPD, and coordinates IT support to PSI groups.

Marianne Plenty, Membership Manager
Marianne manages membership services and benefits, as well as overseeing membership processes and applications.

Karen Byrne, Council Secretariat and Accreditation Manager
Karen is responsible for the Society’s Council support. Karen also manages the undergraduate and postgraduate PSI accreditation processes.

Claire Hackett, Division Liaison and Committee Coordinator
Claire acts as the first point of contact for the PSI divisions and special interest groups (SIGs), and also provides support to various PSI committees.

Kennedy Fiorella, Policy and Research Officer
Kennedy is responsible for oversight of the external policy environment as it relates to psychology, the PSI, our members, our strategy, vision, and mission, including advocacy and politically-focused work.

Lucy Brennan, Media and Content Coordinator
The media and content coordinator is responsible for various aspects of the design, delivery, maintenance, and coordination of PSI communications, including social media and the website. 

Maryna Yefimova, Membership Coordinator
Maryna is responsible for dealing with day-to-day queries from members and the public, as well as working closely with colleagues to support the membership renewal process, accreditation, CPD, the PSI Annual Conference, and other Society events/initiatives.

Jadra Penezić, Events Coordinator
Jadra is responsible for coordinating various Society in-person and hybrid events, most notably the PSI Annual Conference, AGM, and public lecture series. 

The administrator provides administrative support across the organisation and the PSI team.