Frequently Asked Questions



I have gained my qualifications outside Ireland can I apply to join the PSI?

Yes: Please follow the link on the website for overseas qualifications.  Read the directions carefully and then submit all the necessary information and documents to 

Postal applications not accepted

If I have qualified outside of Ireland, can I work in Ireland as a psychologist?

Applicants with non-Irish qualifications who wish to work in Ireland must first have their qualifications verified by the Department of Health in Ireland.  Please apply directly to them at

Is my course recognised by the PSI?

Please check our list of accredited courses on our website.  If the course is an undergraduate course from the UK and accredited by the BPS then the PSI recognises this through its reciprocal arrangement with the BPS. Again please check their list before applying to the PSI.


I want to join the PSI but I am unsure of which membership category to apply for?

Please see the Membership section of the website where all the categories are clearly explained. 

  • Associate Membership
  • Student Membership
  • Graduate Membership & Overseas Graduate
  • Chartered Membership
  • Fellowship

Follow the route to the category best suited for your qualifications, fill in the required forms and documentation, and submit online with the relevant fee.

Where do I find a psychologist for…?

Please check out our Find a Psychologist page on our website where all the PSI Chartered psychologists who agree to have their names publicly listed can be found. 

What is required to practice as a psychologist in Ireland?

Psychology is not currently regulated in Ireland and the title Psychologist is not a protected title.


Those with overseas qualifications in Clinical, Counselling and Educational psychology who wish to work in the public health service should have their qualifications validated by the Department of Health Validation Unit. For more information, please email


The PSI encourages all practising psychologists to join the PSI and become chartered members. Members of the PSI must follow the code of ethics in their practice. Chartered members of the PSI can use the title ‘Chartered Psychologist’. To join as a chartered member of the PSI, you must first join as a graduate member.


Graduate membership

Graduate Membership is available to those who have completed a PSI or BPS accredited undergraduate or conversion course and achieved a 2:2 honours or above. Applicants who have completed a PSI or BPS accredited undergraduate or conversion course should attach a copy of their full academic transcript to the online application.


Overseas applications


If you completed your qualification abroad, your graduate application will be reviewed by our Membership Qualifications and Chartership Committee (MQCC). The committee will review whether the course is equivalent to an Irish accredited honours degree. To apply for Graduate Membership with an overseas qualification, please ensure you submit a Graduate Membership Clarification Application (GMA) form along with your application. We also require a scanned copy of your original transcripts, along with a certified translation of the transcripts, if the original is not in English. For more information and to download the GMA form, please follow the link below.


Chartered membership

Graduate members of the PSI can apply to become chartered.



There are three routes towards gaining Chartered Membership:


  1. The Doctoral Professional Qualification Route
  2. The Doctoral Research Qualification Route
  3. The Masters Professional Qualification Route together with Supervised Work Experience in Psychology

Please see the chartered guidelines for your reference here.

Who can I make a complaint to?

We do not take complaints at the PSI. However, you can visit Health Complaints for further information. 

Where do I submit my Learning Activity Log for 2020/2021?

Learning logs for the 2020/2021 cycle do not need to be submitted to the PSI. You will need to keep a copy for your own records in case they are needed for auditing purposes. 

How can I generate a receipt?

To download a receipt, please login as a member and go to the dashboard where you will see the option ‘Payment Details’.


Here you can generate a receipt for any payment made through the website.

How can I login as a member?

Click on member login located on the top right-hand corner of the website.


Members should login using their email address as their username, and their password.

I have forgotten my Password

To reset your password:


Please click ‘I forgot my password’ and you will be sent a link to create a new password.v

How can I find a Psychologist?

On our website we have a tool called ‘Find a Psychologist’


You can search for a Psychologist in your local area.


You can also ‘Filter by Discipline’.

You can further filter by 'Areas of Practice' i.e. Autism, ADHD

Only Chartered Members of the PSI appear on Find a Psychologist.

Full members of the Divisions are listed under the disciplines.

I would like to study psychology, which course should I complete?

We have a list of PSI accredited Undergraduate & Postgraduate Accredited courses on our website.


The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI)

Can the PSI recommend professional indemnity insurance?

We do not recommend any Professional Indemnity Insurance Companies. Our advice is to contact an Insurance broker who can negotiate on your behalf.

Renewal Period

Membership is renewed between January 5th and March 31st of each year.


Members should renew their membership online by adding their card details.


If they you do not renew by March 31st, you will be lapsed and will need to re-apply in the future.

How to renew your membership?

Members should update card details when logged in as a member on the PSI website.


To pay your fee please update your card details in the ‘Payment Details’ section of the website located under the dashboard.


Payment will be processed immediately once the card is added.

How to advertise in the Irish Psychologist (IP) / Website?

Please complete the ‘Website Advertising Form’ to advertise on the website


Please complete the ‘IP Advertising Form’ to advertise in the IP.


Both forms can be found here:

As a Member can I use the PSI Logo?

We have a PSI Chartered logo that can be used by PSI Chartered Members only.


As a graduate member you are free to specify in text on your website that you are a member of the PSI and, as per the PSI Constitution, the following might assist:


'3.6 The terms Graduate Member and Graduate Membership may be used as approved designations while the Graduate Member is a member of the Society and shall entitle the member to use the prescribed abbreviation of M.Ps.S.I.'

Can PSI help me find a job?

The society does not directly help members to find employment. However, we do advertise employment opportunities for Psychologists in Ireland on our website:


Membership of the PSI Divisions and Special Interest Groups, as well as attendance at PSI Events is a great way to network with other Psychologists in your field and beyond and also to speak with other psychologists who can offer you advice.  For more information, please follow the link below.

Can you recommend any companies that provide psychometric tests?

Below are companies that we are aware that provide Psychometric tests, however we do not have any formal agreements with any of these companies and as such this is for information only and not any particular endorsement by PSI.

I am having trouble logging in, what can I do?

Please use the username you provided to PSI as your username.

If you have forgotten your password, please click 'I forgot my Password' and an email will be sent to you to create a new one.