Advertising with The Psychological Society of Ireland



The Psychological Society of Ireland offers to advertise on its website and in its magazine, The Irish Psychologist. Advertising on the PSI website is €60 per week. If you wish to advertise please download and fill out the website advertising form and send your ad copy to You can view the PSI Advertising Policy Guidelines below.

Advertising with the Irish Psychologist

The Irish Psychologist, published by the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), is Ireland’s monthly publication for professional psychologists. Each issue is sent to circa 3,700 members and, with 20% of our readers passing on their copy to colleagues, the monthly readership is around 4,400.

We also have non-member subscribers to the magazine including the vast majority of student libraries in the country and a strong number of GPs and other health professionals. With the support of the Student Affairs Group (SAG), our student readership is also ever-increasing.

An advertisement in The Irish Psychologist will reach a specific target market of individuals with a personal and/or professional interest in the field of psychology.

Please read the PSI Advertising Policy Guidelines before requesting an advert.


If you would like to advertise in the Irish Psychologist, please download and fill out the IP advertising form and email to

Thank you for your interest in The Irish Psychologist and the Psychological Society of Ireland.