Professional Appointments to CORU Registration Boards

The Minister for Health is inviting applications from suitably qualified and experienced candidates for appointments to professional vacancies on seven CORU registration boards.

Candidates who are registered Occupational Therapists, Dietitians, Medical Scientists, Radiographers, Radiation Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, or are members of professions due to be registered by CORU (Psychologists and Social Care Workers), are invited to apply under one or more of the following three categories:

  • Persons who are engaged in the practice of the designated profession;
  • Persons engaged, as members of the profession, in the management of services provided by it;
  • Persons engaged in the State in the education and training of persons in the practice of the profession.


Please note that the application process for professional appointments to CORU registration boards is being managed by Public Appointments Service, not the PSI.

The closing date for submissions of expressions of interest is 15:00 on Monday 15 March 2021.

Further information and details on the application process can be accessed by clicking here.



Call for expressions of interest to sit on the steering committee for Paediatric Diabetes in Ireland

The PSI is calling for expressions of interest to sit on the steering committee for Paediatric Diabetes in Ireland. The National Office of Clinical Audit (NOCA) are in the process of establishing a steering committee to oversee an initial feasibility study for a National Audit of Paediatric Diabetes in Ireland. The purpose of this study is to determine the scope and parameters for inclusion in a national audit of paediatric diabetes.

The deadline to submit the expression of interest form for consideredation by the PSI is Thursday 4 MarchThe form can be filled out here. Once completed please send it to



Representative bodies for Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy, and Occupational Therapy call for end to HSE Assessment of Need Preliminary Team Assessment

In January 2020, the Health Service Executive (HSE) implemented a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Assessment of Need (AON) across the country. The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), the Irish Association of Speech & Language Therapists (IASLT), and the Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland (AOTI) have expressed significant concerns regarding the procedure since its initial proposal in 2018.

It is with a great sense of regret, and worry, from each of the representative bodies that the HSE has, despite concerns previously articulated by the three organisations, implemented this new procedure.

The new AON Preliminary Team Assessment (PTA) has replaced a comprehensive professional assessment process with a uniform brief screening session and seeks to redesignate comprehensive assessments as ‘health needs’. Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, and Occupational Therapists are already seeing the entirely predictable result, where the PTA screening of a child’s needs indicates that the child requires a comprehensive assessment. This results in the child being referred onto another waiting list for further assessment. This further assessment does not fall under the Disability Act so there are no statutory obligations for these assessments to be completed in a timely manner.

A survey of members of the three representative bodies found that the overwhelming majority of responds report that:

  • The PTA in its current iteration is not fit for purpose;
  • The PTA does not assist children in having their needs identified in a timely manner;
  • That implementation of the PTA will result in lengthier waiting lists for assessment and intervention in early intervention, school age and primary care teams;
  • Significant numbers of frontline clinicians have left, or intend to leave, their posts in Child Disability Services as a result of the implementation of the PTA.


Click here to read the full survey report on psychologists’ experiences of the HSE Preliminary Team Assessment (PTA) process.

The AOTI report is available here.

The IASLT report is available here.



Call for expressions of interest to HSCP Advisory Sub-committees of the Disability Advisory Group*

The National Clinical Programme for People with Disability (NCPPD) is establishing seven HSCP Advisory Subcommittees of the Disability Advisory Group (DAG) to the NCPPD. The NCPPD is calling for expressions of interest from members to sit on the sub-committess. For more information on the requirements for the role and to learn more about the purpose of the groups please click here

The deadline to submit the expression of interest so that it can be considered by the PSI is Monday 15 FebruaryYou can fill out the expression of interest form here. Once completed please send it to


*Please be aware that the deadline for this has expired



Healthcare workers COVID-19 vaccine registration 

Registration for the COVID-19 vaccine is now available to frontline healthcare workers via the Health Service Executive (HSE) website here. The HSE also provides a step by step guide on how to register so please read the instructions provided on the registration page to learn more.

Please click here to view the updated version of the 'Guidelines for Sequencing and Registration for Frontline Healthcare Workers' document recently published by the HSE.



Be in with a chance to have your artwork featured on the cover of The Irish Psychologist magazine!

If you are a PSI member and consider yourself artistically creative, then the latest offering from the PSI and The Irish Psychologist magazine team might be of interest to you! The PSI has launched a competition for Society members to be in with the chance of having their artwork grace the cover of the IP magazine during 2021. Members are invited to submit images (artwork, photography, other visual media) that capture aspects of psychology, psychological constructs, or indeed the Society. There is no time restriction as to when the piece of work was created, so even if you did a painting 20 years ago you can still submit it as an entry, as long as it is in-line with the technical specifications for the competition. Winning and commended submissions will be featured in The IP in the second half of 2021. The closing date for entries is 5PM on Monday 08 March 2021.


Please click here for further information on the competition, including Technical Specifications and Ts&Cs.



The IP Magazine Cover Competition

On Monday 08 February 2021, the PSI will launch a competition for PSI members to be in with the chance of having their artwork grace the cover of the IP magazine! Members are invited to submit images (artwork, photography, other visual media) which will be considered by judges. The deadline for entries will be 5pm Monday 08 March. Additional information will be available on this page from Monday 08 February.



All Ireland Psychology Careers Event

Are you a psychology student wondering what to do when you complete your undergraduate studies? Then make sure not to miss this year's All Ireland Psychology Careers Event, which will take place online on Saturday 13 March from 9AM - 3PM.  The Careers Event, which is being run by the PSI and kindly supported by the NIBPS and the UCD School of Psychology, offers students an insight into various psychology careers.

Click here to register.



Letter from the National Clinical Programme for People with Disability

In January 2021, the National Clinical Programme for People with Disability (NCPPD) sent a letter to the Health and Social Care Professions. The letter addressed a number of issues, such as: the setting up of the new NCPPD; the Programme architecture; new investment in HSCP positions; and, the Standard Operating Procedure. 

To view the letter please click here.



Access to Covid-19 Vaccines: A Note from PSI CEO Shane Kelly

I hope you are well. I am writing to you to assure you that the PSI is advocating for swift access to COVID-19 vaccines for all practising members, both private and public.

The PSI is in direct contact with the Health Service Executive (HSE) Chair of the group that is organising the COVID-19 vaccination distribution programme for the COVID-19 National Immunisation Taskforce, and we are assisting the HSE with numerical data on private practitioner / independent practitioner psychologists, across the country on a county-by-county basis.

The HSE is formulating a plan for distribution of vaccines for all psychologists at present.

They do not have specifics just yet but as soon as they do, we will contact all members with an update and assist the HSE in every way we can to facilitate speedy distribution.

The HSE has also published an Updated Sequencing of COVID-19 Vaccination of Frontline Healthcare Workers document, to view it please click here.

Kind regards, 
Shane Kelly,
PSI Chief Executive Officer



Introducing Dr Megan Gaffney - PSI President for 2021

On 01 January 2021, Dr Megan Gaffney became the Society's 51st President. Megan, a Chartered Member of the PSI, is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist and runs a private practice. She also lectures in Trinity College Dublin and Dublin City University. Megan has served on Council for a number of years, previously holding the Membership Secretary position, and has been actively involved in the Division of Counselling Psychology and the Society's Communications and Events Committee, as well as various other groups within the Society. Please click here to see Megan's interview in the Decmber 2020 issue of The Irish Psychologist magazine and click here to view the video of Megan's president's address for 2021.



December IP President's Column: 'This is the Way'

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things & no good thing ever dies"

The December issue of The Irish Psychologist (IP) magazine saw PSI President Mark Smyth pen his last column as PSI President, entitled ‘This is the Way’. In this column, Mark addresses his time as PSI President, the difficult and challenging year that 2020 has been, and an acknowledgement of the time, energy and expertise that members have put into the collective fight against COVID-19 this year.

Read the column in full here.



Assessment of Need (AON) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) - Opening Statement from PSI, AOTI and IASLT to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Children, Disability, Equality and Integration

On Tuesday 08 December 2020, Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) President Mr Mark Smyth, on behalf of the PSI, the Association of Occupational Therapists in Ireland (AOTI) and the Irish Association of Speech & Language Therapists (IASLT), addressed the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Children, Disability, Equality and Integration for engagement with stakeholders on the Ombudsman for Children Report, entitled 'Unmet Needs'. The statement presented outlines how the new Health Service Executive (HSE) Assessment of Need (AON) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) will not meet the needs of children. Mr Odhrán Allen of AOTI was also virtually present.


Click here to view the statement provided to the Oireachtas Committee and here for the accompanying case vignettes.



Health and Social Care Professionals’ survey of HSE Panel System of Recruitment

The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) recently commissioned Behaviour & Attitudes (B&A) to carry out research amongst just over 1,250 Health and Social Care Professionals (HSCPs). This piece of research was embarked on to understand attitudes towards the current panel system of recruitment within the Health Service Executive (HSE). From the responses of the HSCPs that took part in the survey, the following key findings are highlighted:

  • 92% of HSCPs say the current HSE National Panel System does not work well as a method of recruitment;
  • 86% of HSCPs say the current HSE National Panel System is an unfair method of recruitment;
  • 93% of HSCPs agree that the HSE National Panel should be replaced with an alternative system of recruitment;
  • 87% of HSCPs say the HSE National Panel System is not an efficient method of recruitment;
  • 88% of HSCPs say the HSE National Panel System is not fit for purpose.

To see the survey results in full click here.



Statement on Competency-Based Recruitment of

In relation to several advertisements regarding the recruitment of psychologists, the PSI sent a letter to organisations that recruit psychologists, and their respective HR managers, noting that advertisements specifying recruitment of psychologists on the basis of a named title (e.g. Clinical Psychologist) is not recommended. 

The PSI recommend a competency-based recruitment approach. 

To see the letter in full click here.