PSI Standards of Professional Learning and Development

Apply for PSI Learning Standards Approval and Learning Credits (CPD)


  • Advertisement of your event on our website and in the Irish Psychologist
  • Recognition of your event as quality learning
  • Certificate of attendance for all psychologists attending your event
  • PSI Learning Credits (CPD points)
  • Increased attendance


Easy Process

  • Submit the Learning Standards Approval and Learning Credits (CPD) Application Form following this link at least 3 months prior to your event by emailing the completed form to 
  • You will receive a response within 2 weeks of payment confirmation



Type of event

Number of attendees


1-3 days

20 and under


1-3 days

Over 20


4 days and over

20 and under


4 days and over

Over 20



20% discount on all rates for PSI members


Guidelines for PSI Learning Standards Approval



A primary objective of the PSI is to set and promote the highest standards of education and training for psychologists in Ireland. These guidelines are to assist you in preparing your application for a learning event approval so that it meets the PSI highest standards of learning delivery.


Procedure for Applying for PSI Learning Standards Approval

  1. At least 3 months prior to the event, submit the completed application form which can be downloaded here
  2. A non-refundable processing fee must accompany the application (please insert the details so we can invoice you)
  3. We will evaluate the form according to the criteria outlined below
  4. You will be informed via email of the outcome within two weeks of confirmation of payment
  5. A set number of credits will be awarded to the event
  6. We will provide a Certificate of Attendance

Criteria for PSI Learning Standards Approval

  1. All sections of the application form must be completed
  2. Evidence must be provided with a clear rationale for the event and its relevance to attendees who are psychologists
  3. The teaching objectives of the session must be clearly identified
  4. The target audience for the event must be indicated. Prior qualifications and/or experience required for participation in the event must be clearly indicated on the application form
  5. The event organiser must demonstrate that a psychologist has been involved in the planning stage to advise on the appropriateness of the content on offer
  6. Presenters who are psychologists must be members of a professional psychological organisation with a clearly established governing body and code of ethics
  7. Professional qualifications of the presenters must be clearly stated
  8. Fees for the event should be clearly advertised - include all that the fees cover. Refund and cancellation policies must also be clearly stated
  9. A clearly outlined programme must appear in final advertising content
  10. Clear and concise documentation supporting the psychological content or the relevance of the topic to psychology must be included with the application
  11. The applicant should provide information on the research support for the topic
  12. Clearly state whether the format is a lecture, workshop, interactive training, or other
  13. A clearly outlined method of event evaluation must be made available to the participants
  14. If the applicant wishes to present a series of linked but stand-alone events, an application must be submitted for each event in the series
  15. The applicant must inform the PSI of any changes to the event in advance
  16. The Society reserves the right to award or withdraw the Learning Standards Approval or change credit allocation in the light of emerging information 

Quality Control

  • PSI retains the right to appoint an observer to any activity or event that has been approved for Learning Credits
  • PSI retains the right to telephone survey a sample of attendees
  • PSI retains the right to request a copy of evaluation forms from learning events
  • PSI retains the right not to approve an event if the above criteria are not met


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