Division of Clinical Psychology

Membership of the Division of Clinical Psychology

Applicants for membership of the Division of Clinical Psychology must hold existing Graduate Membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

Full Membership

This is available to Clinical Psychologists who:

  1. Hold a postgraduate professional qualification in clinical psychology and recognised by the Division Committee;


  1. Have completed a minimum of 2 years of in-service training as a Clinical Psychologist prior to 1987 in accordance with the grandfather clause contained in the Society's 1999 Guidelines for the Employment of Psychologists in the Health Service;


  1. Hold a Statement of Equivalence in Clinical Psychology recognised by the Division Committee.


Associate Membership

This is available to:

Psychologists who are currently in the process of completing their clinical training on one of the courses or programmes recognised by the Division Committee;


Psychology graduates who are workings as assistants;


Clinical Psychologists who have trained abroad on a course not recognised specifically by PSI and are awaiting the processing of their application for a Statement of Equivalence.


Who we are: Aims and Objectives

The Division of Clinical Psychology promotes the development of Clinical Psychology as a profession and a science. The Division provides opportunities for members to come together with peers and engage in training events and discussion regarding the discipline.

Contact the Committee: clinical@psychologicalsociety.ie


Ruth Melia


John Bogue

Honorary Treasurer

Dr Anne Kehoe


Mark Smyth

Communications Officer

Anne O'Connor

Membership Secretary

Marcus Dowling

PR Officer


Event Organiser

Daniel Flynn

Ordinary Member

Vincent Mc Darby

Ordinary Member

Michael Drumm

Ordinary Member

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