Division of Neuropsychology

Membership of the Division of Neuropsychology Psychology

Applicants for membership of the Division of Neuropsychology must hold existing Graduate Membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

Full Membership

This category of membership is intended for practising Clinical Neuropsychologists. Applicants must meet the criteria set out in both Part A and Part B below.

Part A: A PSI accredited professional qualification in Clinical Psychology

Part B: Applicants must meet either one of the following two conditions:

Condition 1

Applicants must hold a post-graduate practitioner qualification in an area directly relevant to the application of Clinical Neuropsychology (e.g., MSc/Pg. Dip in Applied / Clinical Neuropsychology);


Applicants must have completed at least one years Full Time supervised practice (or part-time equivalent) since completing their Clinical Neuropsychology qualification, where Clinical Neuropsychology constitutes the majority of that practice;


Condition 2

Applicants must have completed at least four years full-time (or part-time equivalent) clinical experience, where Clinical Neuropsychology constitutes the majority of that clinical practice. This experience must have been gained since completion of their professional clinical qualification and must have been carried out under the supervision of a Practitioner Member of the Division (or a supervisor eligible for this).

Associate Membership

This category of membership is intended for those with an interest in Neuropsychology. Associate Membership of the Division is open to any Graduate Member of the Society who has an interest in the academic or clinical practice of Neuropsychology.

Grandparenting Route Reopened

It is recognized that some psychologists may have been working in the capacity as Clinical Neuropsychologist at the time of the formation of the PSI Division of Neuropsychology (2009). These psychologists may have qualified via routes that would not meet current criteria. In order to enable these psychologists to enter onto the Specialist Register of the PSI Division of Neuropsychology, we are reopening the original Grandparenting route until December 31st, 2018.  Please refer to the relevant document in the downloads section below. 


Who we are: Aims and Objectives

The Division of Neuropsychology promotes evidence-based practice in clinical neuropsychological research and is particularly committed to developing policies and guidelines for the practice and advancement of Clinical Neuropsychology nationally.



Benefits of Being a Member

Members of the Division of Neuropsychology have access to professional learning and development events tailored to the needs of Neuropsychologists working in an Irish context. Members of the Division have the opportunity to contribute to the agreement of the Division committee and PSI Council on National Policy level strategy groups, representing psychology as a profession.

Please refer to the documents in the Downloads section, below, when applying for membership of the Division. Important information regarding the content of applications is included.


Contact the Committee: neuropsychology@psychologicalsociety.ie 


Dr Nick Kidd


Dr Garret McDermott


Dr Neil Austin

Membership Secretary

Niall Galligan


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