Division of Neuropsychology

About Us

Neuropsychology is the study of the relationships between brain processes and cognitive and behavioural phenomena.  It deals with how the brain performs the acts of thinking, reasoning and remembering allowing us to function on a day to day basis. 

Clinical Neuropsychologists apply an advanced understanding of cognitive and psychological processes to the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and / or rehabilitation of people with neurological, neuropsychiatric, medical or neurodevelopmental conditions.  

The Division of Neuropsychology is the body within PSI promoting evidence-based clinical neuropsychological practice and research. The Division was established in September 2009 from the PSI Special Interest Group in Neuropsychology.

Linking with external bodies, the Division promotes development of services and policies, seeking to optimise access to high quality care for people with neurological, neuropsychiatric, medical or neurodevelopmental conditions.  The Division is committed to development of structures and guidelines for the continued advancement of Clinical Neuropsychology practice and research nationally. 

The Division strives to share high quality training and educational opportunities among its membership with active engagement through various channels.

Contact Us: neuropsychology@psychologicalsociety.ie 


Ordinary Committee Members:

Drs Tom Burke, Simone Carton, Sarah Casey, Aine Connolly, Anna Marie Dowling, Sonya Gallagher, Niall Galligan, Hannah Gallivan, Sarah O’Doherty, Andrea Sica 


Dr Garret McDermott


Dr Nick Kidd & Sonya Gallagher


Dr Neil Austin

Membership Secretary

Dr Elaine Rogers


Tom Burke

Ordinary Member

Simone Carton

Ordinary Member

Sarah Casey

Ordinary Member

Anna Marie Dowling

Ordinary Member

Sarah O’ Doherty

Ordinary Member

Patricia Byrne

Ordinary member

Suvi Dockree

Ordinary member

Toni Galligan

Ordinary member

Lucy O'Brien

Ordinary member

Marie Claire O'Brien

Ordinary member

Andrea Sica

Ordinary member