Division of Psychotherapy

Membership of the Division of Psychotherapy 

Applicants for membership of the Division of Psychotherapy may apply for one of two levels; Full Membership or Associate Membership.

Full Membership

This is available to Psychologists who:

  1. Are Chartered members of PSI


  1. Have completed a formal training course in psychotherapy over a minimum of 3 years (or equivalent), to have included a minimum of: 
  • 500 hours of supervised practice
  • 150 hours of supervision
  • 100 hours of personal development work in the form of psychotherapy
  • 400 hours of theoretical and practical teaching and learning


  • Satisfy a grand-parenting route (open until 31 January 2023) for Chartered Psychologists who have not undertaken formal psychotherapy training but who meet training  course criteria in the form of hours accumulated, through attendance and participation at workshops, seminars, supervised practice, and personal therapy.

Associate Membership

This is available to:

  • Students on clinical or counselling psychology training programmes with an interest in psychotherapy


  • Graduate Members who are pursuing psychotherapy training


  • Non-Chartered PSI psychologists who would otherwise meet Full Membership criteria. Such applicants would be eligible for Full Membership at the point of becoming Chartered with PSI.


  • Psychotherapists who are Graduate Members of PSI and have completed formal psychotherapy training


Associate Members who wish to gain Full Membership of the Division will be guided on how to do this.

Please complete the Division of Psychotherapy membership application form below and upload it with copies of your relevant certificates/academic transcripts to your online application

Who we are: Aims and Objectives

The Division of Psychotherapy promotes two key objectives; the promotion of psychotherapy as a core discipline within psychology, and the unifying recognition of Chartered Members across all PSI Divisions who have pursued requisite training in psychotherapy, such that PSI can endorse them as having specialist expertise in the practice of psychotherapy.


Declan Aherne


John Broderick


Lucy Smith


Philip Moore


Sile MacNeill

Ordinary Member

Events Coordinator

Elaine Smith

Ordinary Member

Damian Davy

Ordinary Member

Stephanie Bloom-Nervi


Michelo Delmonte

Ordinary Member

Ilona Haberska

Ordinary Member

Caroline Togher

Ordinary Member

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