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The Division of Psychotherapy promotes two key objectives; the promotion of psychotherapy as a core discipline within psychology, and the unifying recognition of Chartered Members across all PSI Divisions who have pursued requisite training in psychotherapy, such that PSI can endorse them as having specialist expertise in the practice of psychotherapy.


PSI Division of Psychotherapy consists of psychologists who have pursued training in psychotherapy in addition to their psychology education and qualification. A key aim of the division is the promotion of psychotherapy as a core discipline within psychology. The Division provides an identity for those psychologists with specialist expertise in the area of psychotherapy. Psychologists who have pursued additional training in psychotherapy are acknowledged and formally recognised within their own professional body, rather than any external body, which has no representative function in relation to psychology. The Division of Psychologists specialising in Psychotherapy within PSI is in a position to represent its members at a national level in relation to all matters relating to the broader professional psychotherapy community incl. accreditation, training, and supervision. The Division encourages additional training among psychologists with an interest in this specialism.

A key purpose of the Division is to provide the public with a list of psychologists, the members of which are endorsed by the Society as having met certain criteria laid down by the Society. The establishment of the Division of Psychotherapy in PSI is in line with a European move to recognise the unique contribution which psychologists make to the practice of psychotherapy.


The Division is relatively new, having formed in 2017. We are gradually establishing ourselves as a voice for psychotherapists who are members of PSI. As of the 2021 AGM, the division has a membership of 74. Many of our members are also members of other divisions of PSI, in particular Counselling and Clinical, while others are only members of this division. It has a committee that meets regularly;  addressing issues of relevance and organising events such as workshops and seminars. The division also holds an AGM at which there is a keynote speaker who is invited to give a presentation.


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