Mentorship Programme

About the Mentorship Programme

Mentoring is a process to aid career development and a common business practice that has proven benefits for mentors and mentees alike. The field of psychology has benefited from mentoring relationships, although often these are informal arrangements between trainees and practicing psychologists or between early graduate psychologists and more experienced practitioners.
The purpose of this Mentoring Programme is: 

  • Support less experienced psychologists in their professional and personal development.
  • For more experienced psychologists with greater expertise, experience, knowledge, and wisdom to counsel, guide, teach, and help less experienced/ early graduate psychologists develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes to support them in their careers. 
  • Develop the whole person rather than specific skills. 

Examples of Areas of Focus within the Mentoring Relationship for PSI Members

    • Professional Development
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Making Applications to Postgraduate Study
    • Making Job Applications
    • Research
    • Public Speaking
    • Making Connections in Specific Locations

    • Early Career Psychologist Experiences
    • Networking
    • Skills Building
    • Career Planning & Development
    • Role Transition
    • Problem-Solving
    • Exit management
    • Personal Development
    • Social & Political Savvy

More information:

For more information on the mentoring relationship, process, and guidelines please see our mentoring toolkit here