Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology

Membership of the Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology

Applicants for full membership of the Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology must hold existing Graduate or Chartered Membership of the Psychological Society of Ireland.

Full Membership

Open to:

  • PSI DWOP Members
  • Other PSI Divisional Members
  • Non-Divisional Members

Associate Membership

Firstly, interested parties must apply as an Associate Member of the Psychological Society of Ireland (See ‘Join Us’ link on the PSI website). Then, opt to join CP-SIG from the link on this page. Associate membership is open to qualified coaches, non-psychologists, and allied professionals interested in coaching resident in the Republic of Ireland, and psychologists and non-psychologist coaches residing outside the Republic of Ireland.

Who we are: Aims and Objectives

Coaching is an applied positive psychology discipline; namely the systematic application of behavioural, psychosocial, and cognitive science to enhance the human experience.  Originally a sub-group of the Division of Work & Organisational Psychology (DWOP), our membership base has grown and diversified to include professionals devoted to work performance, cultural change, motivation, individual and team health/wellbeing, stress management, solution-focused change, as well as mindfulness, mindset adjustment, and lifestyle reorientation. Ultimately, any need, context, or situation where positive change can benefit a wide array of organisations, groups, and/or individuals. We focus equally on client development as well as practitioner skills and competencies. Our primary aim is to act as the representative voice for psychological coaching theory and practice in Ireland.

Benefits of Being a Member

  • Access to workshops and seminars to develop professional skills in coaching psychology.
  • Opportunities to present workshops, create articles and contribute to research symposia.
  • Providing opportunities for psychologists and non-psychologist coaches to network, share experiences and engage within our community of purpose.
  • Opportunity to be awarded Continuing Professional Development credits.
  • Assistance and guidance in research development, supervision, & mentoring.
  • CPG newsletters issued regularly to members.

Contact the Committee: coaching@psychologicalsociety.ie 


Lorna Lawless


Karen Lopez

Membership Secretary

Jason Moran


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