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Coaching Psychology is an applied positive psychology drawing on established psychological approaches. It could be understood as the systematic application of behavioural, cognitive, and social science for the enhancement of life experience, guided personal and team development, revitalised or restored work performance, and genuine wellbeing for individuals, groups, and organisations. Coaching is essentially goal directed and solution focused, identifying and drawing on strengths and skills to strategically achieve desired goals. We welcome psychologists from a wide spectrum of domains, as well as likeminded professionals from outside of psychology as associate members. We attract members from clinical and counselling psychology, psychotherapy, career / adult guidance, educational psychology, the spectrum of work, community, and organisational psychology, sports, team, and human performance specialists, executive and management development specialists. In essence, if clinical psychology focuses on the dark and damaged aspects of human existence, coaching psychology looks towards the light and our human potential.


The Aims and Primary Activities of the CP-SIG include;

  1. To enhance the professional identity of Coaching Psychology within the Psychological Society of Ireland and to establish and maintain a linking mechanism for researchers and practitioners throughout Ireland.
  2. To provide a forum for discussion and peer contact across a range of professional roles and disciplines both within mainstream psychology, and externally with associated professional groups / organisations.
  3. To promote development of appropriate ethical standards & guidelines for the practice of coaching psychology.
  4. To produce publications, informational documentation, learning materials, and research in Coaching Psychology.
  5. To organise and promote continuing education and professional development events and courses for members.
  6. to promote Coaching Psychology as a recognised entity in the public domain.
  7. To promote Coaching Psychology as an expert resource to assist in the achievement of goals and aspirations of all local, community, regional, and national bodies; including all commercial, private, non-profit, and charitable organisations.


Contact Us: Coaching coaching@psychologicalsociety.ie


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