Special Interest Group in Ethnic Minorities

About Us

On 29/07/2021 the PSI team sent an invitation to join a working group with the aim of reviewing the “Ethnic Minorities and Mental Health” guidelines. By the end of the meeting most people spontaneously expressed a strong interest in exploring the subject of mental health for ethnic minorities and migrants. The subject was no doubt close to the hearts of the members of the working group. The members then decided to initiate the formation of a SIG focused on that very subject: the mental health of ethnic minorities and migrants. Immediately there was a great sense of pride and humility amongst the members of this group. Pride for spearheading a unique and long-awaited forum solely focused on ethnic minorities and migrants’ mental health: the members felt privileged. The sense of humility was due to the fact that such an under-researched area that is so central to the modern world, represents so much of social and human challenge, was finally going to be discussed, explored, discovered and created under the umbrella of the Psychological Society of Ireland. It was evident that the group had a wealth of skills and experiences in the area of ethnic minority and migrants. 



Assess and address the gaps (training and practice/service)

Influencing change in accessibility

Promoting inclusivity and diverse practice

Enhancing understanding in cultural competence


Training & Research

Influencing policies






Meeting regularly

Training needs analysis

Knowledge sharing

Organising CPD events

Offering training

Connecting with community


Liaising with members of the ethnic communities  

Conducting studies

Publishing guidelines (ex: mental health material in various languages, policies)

Advise PSI on matter pertaining to ethnic minorities

Liaise with psychological societies globally


Contact Us: EthnicMinorities@psychologicalsociety.ie



Mou Sultana


Hira Mahmood

Membership Officer/Training & Event Officer

Teodora Dimitrijevic


JianHai Cai

Research Officer

Eilish Tansey

Ordinary Member

Lakshmy Gunawardhana

Ordinary Member