Special Interest Group in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health

About Us

The Special Interest Group in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health promotes the clinical practice, education and research regarding the health and development of parents and infants from conception and pregnancy through to five years postpartum, within both the discipline of Psychology in addition to interdisciplinary cooperation with other medical and allied health professions.

  • To promote research and practice related to the psychology of parents, infants and families during the perinatal period and within the infant’s first five years of life
  • To provide opportunities for training and professional development in the area of perinatal and infant psychology
  • To provide forums for discussion, information sharing and professional support
  • To promote awareness of the field of perinatal and infant psychology on a broader societal level
  • To provide informed advice to the PSI on matters related to psychological practice within this specialist area
  • To inform policy and service development at a national level 


Contact Committee: perinatalandinfant@psychologicalsociety.ie


Dr Anne-Marie Casey


Dr Jillian Doyle

Vice Chair

Ms Rebecca Reddin


Dr Annette Lloyd


Ms Isobel Deburca

Student and Trainee rep

Dr Sinead Darcy Bewick


Eithne Ní Longphuirt


Dr Karen Matvienko-Sikar

Research Officer

Dr Anne-Marie Casey, Dr Eithne NiLongphuirt, Dr Jillian Doyle and Dr Aoife Menton

Social Media Communications

Dr Sabrina Coyle, Dr Rebecca Ryan, Dr Caragh Hesse Tyson, Dr Jessica Dailey, Dr Aoife Menton, and Dr Claire Crowe

Ordinary Members