COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources for Psychologists, Healthcare Workers and Members of the General Public

This page will be continuously updated with resources regarding the Coronovirus (COVID-19) so please come back for regular visits. Remember to continue to check here for up-to-date information from the HSE.


Disclaimer: Whilst some of the contents of this page are official PSI documents/positions, the majority of the contents are not an official position of the PSI. The content contained here is intended as a repository/resource to help people during these extraordinary times.


Videos from the Psychological Society of Ireland

In this new video series, we hope to bring you informative, evidence-based and helpful information during the COVID19 pandemic. More videos will be released over the coming days. 


We are delighted to have Chartered Member, Dr Damien Lowry, talk about Stress Management During the COVID-19 Pandemic in this video below


Dr Anne Kehoe talks to us about Managing Relationships During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Dr Dean McDonnell gives us his Advice for Students: Academic-Focused Suggestions 

*Visit this video on YouTube to see links mentioned. 


Up next is Children with Chronic Illness & COVID-19: Parents' Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Professor Des Cox, Consultant Paediatric Respirologist, Dr Vincent Mc Darby, Chartered Clinical Health Psychologist, & Dr Claire Crowe, Chartered Clinical Psychologist, answer parents' frequently asked questions about children with chronic illness and COVID-19


Dr Suzanne Guerin gives us Advice for Postgraduate Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Dr Cliodhna O'Donovan, Chartered Psychologist, gives advice on Discussing COVID-19 with Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and other Vulnerable Adults


Past President, Ian O'Grady, talks about Compulsive Anxiety & OCD during the COVID-19 Pandemic



Dr Fiadhnait O'Keeffe, Clinical Neuropsychologist, discusses Neurological Conditions and COVID-19


Niamh Fitzpatrick talks about Grief in these times of COVID-19


Dr Claire Conlon, Senior Clinical Psychologist, talks about COVID-19 and Children with Additional Medical Needs in this video.


Mental Health And Well-Being

Coping During Covid-19 Workbook - A CBT approach to coping with COVID-19 related anxiety & depression - produced by Saint John of God Hosiptal (Credit: Dr Keith Gaynor)

Floating the Waves of Grief - Supporting You with Your Grieving Process, During the COVID-19 Pandemic - produced by the Psychology Department, in the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland – Galway Services (Credit: Emma Bohan, Louise Hannigan & PSI Chartered Member Marie Walsh)

“Mind YOUR mind on the Frontline” - Addressing the Psychological Needs of Frontline and Healthcare Staff in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak - produced by the Psychology Department, in the Brothers of Charity Services Ireland – Galway Services (Credit: Emma Bohan, Louise Hannigan & PSI Chartered Member Marie Walsh)

18 Practical Tips For Parents To Support The Psychological Wellbeing Of Children During The COVID-19 Crisis (Credit: Vincent Mc Darby, PSI Chartered Member)

How To Talk To Kids About The Coronavirus - Blog (Credit: Mark Smyth, PSI Chartered Member & 2020 PSI President)

UL Éist Student Counselling and Wellbeing - website link provided by the PSI Division of Psychotherapy (Credit: University of Limerick)

COVID-19: Psychological Survival Kit - Blog (Credit: Mark Smyth, PSI Chartered Member & 2020 PSI President)

Coronavirus: The psychological impact and 16 ways to keep a clear head (Credit: Niamh Delmar, PSI Chartered Member - Irish Times article)

Managing Stress - video from Prof. Ian Robertson (Credit: The Royal College of Physicians Ireland YouTube channel)

The Psychological Impact of Stress on Doctors During COVID-19 - video from Dr Sarah O'Byrne (Credit: The Royal College of Physicians Ireland YouTube channel)

Dr Bessel van der Kolk on the Global Coronavirus Crisis - please be aware that you will have to provide an email address to view this video meaning you will then be added to the mailing list (Credit: PESI, Inc)

FACE COVID - How to Respond Effectively to the Corona Crisis (Credit: Dr Russ Harris)

Professor Alan Carr - Optimising wellbeing during COVID19  (Audio interview) The full transcript can be read here (Credit: Division of Clinical Psychology & Professor Alan Carr)

Responding to Patients' Distress and Strong Emotions during COVID-19 video from Eva Doherty (Credit: The Royal College of Physicians Ireland YouTube channel)

How to respond to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (Credit: Dr John Francis Leader)

Hang On To Yourself  (Credit: Niamh Delmar, PSI Chartered Member - 

Minding Your Long-term Health Condition During Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Credit: The National HSE Self-management Support Programme)

Doing What Matters in Times of Stress: An Illustrated Guide(Credit: World Health Organization)

The gender based violence (GBV) in times of COVID-19 (Credit: GENFAMI)

EFPA Coronavirus position statement: How to strengthen communities in times of crisis (Credit: EFPA)

Help the Helper (Credit: Dr Deirdre Walsh)

Recorded Webinar: Developing Resilience in Pharmacy - The Role of Optimism (Credit: This webinar was recorded with the IIP and Dr Mary Collins (PSI Member and Member of SIG in Coaching Psychology) co-presented this video on Resilience in Pharmacy)

Coping With Coronavirus: How To Stay Calm And Protect Your Mental Health - A Psychological Toolkit (€0.99/£0.99/$0.99 ebook by Dr Brendan Kelly with author royalties being donated to medical charities assisting with the global response to Coronavirus)


Resources for Psychologists

EFPA Psychologists' Support Hub

How to do counselling online: a coronavirus primer on OpenLearn Create, the Open University free learning platform

The course offers counsellors and psychotherapists key skills and knowledge at a time when face-to-face therapy is no longer possible or safe due to coronavirus. Therapists wanting to keep offering support to clients have had to swiftly transfer their practice online – yet few will have had either any training or prior experience in online therapy. To support practitioners to work safely and effectively, and to help them support their clients at this time, the Open University have collaborated with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, to produce this CPD course

How to set-up a Psychological Counseling Helpline in the COVID-19 context? (Credit: EFPA)

Online consultations, what to know and where to start? (Credit: EFPA)

COVID-19 and implications for mental health (Credit: EFPA)


Resources for Athletes

How Can Elite Athletes And Players Deal With Coronavirus Issues? (Credit: RTÉ.ie)

Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic: Tips for Players and Athletes COVID-RECOVER (Credit: Dr Tadhg MacIntyre et al.)



COVID Trauma Response Working Group (UK)


Easy-Read Social Stories For Kids

My COVID-19 Capsule Workbook (Credit: Marie McGowan & Victoria Howson, South Lee Child, Adolescent and Family Psychology)

Getting Ready To Go To The Test Centre - Story for Children (Credit: DNC SLT Team)

Coronovirus Test - Social Story (Credit: Enable Ireland)

I Feel Worried About Coronavirus - Social Story (Credit: Enable Ireland)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPS) - Social Story (Credit: Enable Ireland)

Social Distancing - Social Story (Credit: Enable Ireland)

Coronavirus - A Book for Children (Credit: Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson & Nia Roberts)

My Hero is You - Storybook for Children on COVID-19 (Credit: Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group)


RTÉ Podcast Series - You OK?

Featuring leading mental health experts, this series is hosted by Jan Ní Fhlanagaín and offers simple, practical exercises to quiet the noise and restore some peace. Each episode focuses on a sole topic or area of life that has been affected by the pandemic.

Episode 1: PSI Past President Mark Smyth shares his top tips for a psychological survival kit to help us get through these strange times

Episode 2: Chartered Member Eva Doherty speaks about how frontline healthcare workers can manage their own mental health during the pandemic, under sustained stress and pressure


Helping Those With Intellectual Disabilities

What is COVID-19 (Credit: Cheeverstown)

Supporting people with additional needs during COVID-19 closures (Credit: Cheeverstown)

Cheeverstown S&L Dept - Government COVID 19 update 24-3-2020 (Credit: Cheeverstown)

Cafes and restaurants closed (Credit: Cheeverstown)

How to Cough & Sneeze (Credit: Cheeverstown)

How to wash my hands (Credit: Cheeverstown)

I can't visit my family or friends (Credit: Cheeverstown)

I have COVID-19 (Credit: Cheeverstown)

My day service is closed (generic) (Credit: Cheeverstown)

My housemate has COVID-19 and I am staying in the house  (Credit: Cheeverstown)

My housemate has COVID-19 and is leaving the house  (Credit: Cheeverstown)

My housemate has COVID-19 and is in hospital (Credit: Cheeverstown)

My loved one has COVID-19 and is in hospital  (Credit: Cheeverstown)

My loved one has COVID-19 (Credit: Cheeverstown)

My loved one has died and I can't go to the funeral (Credit: Cheeverstown)

My loved one has died (Credit: Cheeverstown)

My respite service is closing (generic) (Credit: Cheeverstown)

No church or mass (Credit: Cheeverstown)

No school (Credit: Cheeverstown)

No visitors generic (Credit: Cheeverstown)

No work generic (Credit: Cheeverstown)

Social distancing (Credit: Cheeverstown)

Personal Protective Equipment (Credit: Cheeverstown)


Department of Education Resources

The Department of Education and Skills has updated information for schools, preschools and third level institutions on COVID-19 (Credit: The Department of Education)


Psychological Health & Wellbeing Tips for COVID-19 by the PSI