Representation on External Committees

The PSI encourages all of our members to participate in both internal and external committees and working groups.

The PSI Guidelines for Nominees to External Committees can be viewed here

Protocol for processing calls for nominations from external agencies

  1. PSI receives a call for nominations.
  2. Request is sent to PSI President for review / approval regarding relevance and appropriateness.
  3. Once approved by the President the following process is activated.
  4. Invitation for expressions of interest (EOI) is emailed to all division and Special Interest Group (SIG) chairs, Council members and all chartered PSI members.
  5. PSI HQ receives and collates all EOIs and forwards them to the President.
  6. President forwards applications to Council for review and approval, deadline permitting.
  7. If the deadline is short, the President will forward applications to the Governance Team for review and approval.
  8. Once representatives are approved, the names are provided to the PSI HQ.
  9. PSI HQ will forward the approved representative’s information back to the agency requesting the nomination for consideration.
  10. Representatives are appointed by the PSI with clear guidance regarding PSI positions and regular reporting requirements to Council.


The PSI works collaboratively with the Heads of Psychology Ireland (HPSI) with regard to psychology nominations to the Health Service Executive (HSE) Health and Social Care Professions (HSCP) Office. The guidelines for the PSI HPSI nominations process can be viewed here.  

A list of current external committees can be viewed below. If you have any queries or would like to get involved please contact the PSI Division Liaison and Committee Coordinator by email: 


The National Clinical Programme for Obesity working group: Ms Alison Burrell & Ms Suzanne Allen

National Screening Advisory Committee (NSAC) – Psychology: Dr Jennifer McSharry 

Statutory Parole Board: Mr Paul Murphy and Dr Sharon Lambert (2021-2023)

HSE Older Adult Advisory Committee: Dr Niall Galligan 

HSCP Disability Advisory Group Subcommittees: Ms Kate Falvey, Dr Keeley White, Ms Lorraine Crawley, Ms Maureen Gallagher, Ms Ruth Connolly, Ms Sarah Heywood (2021-2023)

HSCP Integrated Musculoskeletal Service Pathway - Rosemary Keane 

EFPA - Standing Committee on Psychology and Health 2021 - 2023: Prof. Frank Doyle 

EFPA - Standing Committees on Education 2021-2023

HSE - Assisted Decision Making Prescribed Class of Professionals Working Group

HRB - Steering Group for Managing Chronic Conditions in Irish Primary Care - Prof. Brian McGuire (2022-2024)

HSCP Critical Care Advisory Group: Dr Melanie Ryberg (2022-2024)

HSE HSCP Workforce Planning- Psycho Social Sub-Group: Dr Ladislav Timulak