The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), Cumann Síceolaithe Éireann, is the learned and professional body for psychology and psychologists in the Republic of Ireland. Since its birth in 1970, the Society has grown from a mere 17 members and now represents circa 4,100 members. The PSI is committed to maintaining the high standards of practice in psychology that have been set by its members since the founding of the Society and also to exploring new and innovative ways of furthering psychology as an applied science. The PSI is an independently governed, registered charity and our office is located in Dublin 8. Registered Charity Number is 20016524. 


The symbol of the Society is the Greek letter Ψ which represents the initials of the Society in English namely PSI.

The motto of the Society is "Quanta Est Animi Magnitudo".

The primary object for which the Society is established is to advance psychology as a pure and applied science in Ireland and elsewhere.

To advance psychology as a profession.

To advocate, set up and maintain high standards of professional training for the Members of the Society, members of the profession and other appropriately qualified persons.

To advocate, set up and maintain high standards of conduct for the Members of the Society.

To promote and undertake research into the science of psychology and any matter or matters of a nature ancillary thereto and to publish and distribute the results of such research.

To organise, promote and hold conferences on psychological topics and to organise and conduct or join in organising and conducting courses, meetings, lectures, exhibitions and consultations at which Members of the Society engaged in a particular field of psychology may consider matters of a mutual interest and benefit.

To establish and monitor standards of ethical behaviour, competence and practice within the profession.


The Psychological Society of Ireland's Constitution can be viewed here